Social Media Management

We offer full-service social media management solutions. Our affordable social media packages are designed to be effective with any budget and are based on your social ROI goals. Transform your brand visibility through quality content, engaging visuals, and daily targeted activity.

Web Design

If you want to increase Web sales, you need a social media presence that attracts the RIGHT traffic, and an optimized website designed to CONVERT visitors. Cuttlefish Marketing understands exactly how the two work together, and we take it all off your shoulders.

Ad Engagement

We create social media ads that intrigue, engage, and sell. Ad copy combined with our custom graphic visuals result in a total boost of brand awareness, increased conversions, and a transformation of your social media presence.

Why Do You Need To Market on Social Media?

“We are getting a massive amount of orders – more than any previous year. I think it’s been live for two Christmas seasons now, maybe 3. Can’t recall. Too tired at the moment!”
K. Brush, Restaurant Owner, Scottsdale AZ

Brand Awareness with Social Media Management


“Lauren has proven to be an invaluable consultant for my dog training business in Louisville, KY. Her knowledge, know how, and efforts are second to none. In just a few shorts months, we are gaining followings on Facebook, Youtube, and Google+ and she’s also directing us on how to manage Instagram and Twitter for business too. A+++ from happy customers here!!!”
Partner, Louisville Dog Wizard

How SEO and Social Media ROI Roll In

Far too often, business owners spend resources on social media marketing hoping for a return on investment only to gain, at best, a little exposure. It’s usually a low-cost investment that doesn’t do much in terms of ROI.

How is our social media management different?

The key component for social media marketing that returns results is research. Your audience, your clients, and your keywords provide everything we need to attract the right people to your social channels, and to your website.

If you thought Social Media Management is a fruitless labor, try it again with media management seo results

  • social media campaigns backed by solid research – never “blind”
  • integrate your Google Analytics and Google AdWords campaign data
  • see your brand and assets RANK in search engine results
  • search engine optimized social media channels
  • gain and grow a social following from your TARGET AUDIENCE

…and more than automatic niche posting.

If you’re serious about your social media presence, or if you’re a Web Marketing company interested in learning a highly effective Social Syndication Network, visit our Discovery Page.

If you take anything away from this page, let it be this:
You simply can’t gain a significant return of investment from any online branding or social media manager that offers cheap rates combined with a vague relationship. It is also wise to go with a web services marketing provider that understands your unique business and what makes sales.

When you work with Cuttlefish, you gain a partner, a loyal business relationship, and all the attention and care needed for the success of your company. Visit and fill out our Discovery Form and we’ll talk soon!


Social Media and Graphic Design Packages

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