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About Cuttlefish Marketing

Cuttlefish Marketing is a group of highly skilled search engine optimization professionals that have over 15 years combined experience in digital marketing and content strategy application.

There is no greater sense of accomplishment than seeing our clients dominate their competition online.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

When we begin our relationship, it will be clear that we invest pride in what we do. It gets a little crazy around here anytime we get one of our clients a leap up on to the top page in Google. Especially if you have a rough 12 pages burying you. Such a bad place to be in.

How we begin:

After the initial consultation and observation, a formula will guide us through high traffic volume and visibility for the searches you need to show up for.

One of our biggest success factors:

Enhancing our knowledge and staying a few steps ahead…that’s our secret sauce.

New Google updates and requirements never catch us off-guard, leaving you protected.  We're proactive by taking every Google Academy certification course.  Each member of our team is a specialist in their own area and we never stop enhancing our knowledge.  Combined, we are an advanced group of digital marketing specialists. Together, we make a great team and a great partner for our clients. Once we begin, you are like family to our entire team.

Many great web services companies can produce social media activity. But it’s usually a low-cost investment that doesn’t do much in terms of ROI. It can, but often they’re just not being viewed because of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and you name it, are changing the way everything works, always. This includes browser updates.

If you take anything away from this page, let it be this:

You simply can’t have the effect of a significant return on investment from just any online marketing agency that offers cheap rates and a with a vague relationship. It is also wise to go with a web services marketing provider that understands your unique business and what makes sales.

When you work with Cuttlefish, you gain a partner, a relationship, and all the attention and care needed for the success of your company.

Schedule a call with us to discuss our goals, or visit and fill our Discovery Form and we’ll talk soon!

Our Awesome Team

Lauren Schroth

Lauren Schroth

Founder & CEO

After a successful career in print media, Lauren branched out as a business owner writing research articles for brands and magazines across the world. Lauren’s thorough investigative research paid off. She discovered SEO and she was hooked. Nowadays, the type of research she loves to do involves tracking search traffic, monitoring the interwebs, and a whole-lotta algorithm testing.

Experience: She is 1/2 Marketing Strategist, 1/2 Writer, 1/2 Project Manager, and 1/2 Developer. Essentially she is two people.

Zach Bradshaw

Zach Bradshaw

The Original SEO Pro

It didn’t take much for Zach to wrap his head around the most important digital marketing concepts.

SEO comes to him pretty easily.

Zach started out as the original SEO pro shortly after the birth of his first son. He saw the opportunity because too many clients ordered content that would never be seen (or generate an ROI).

Founder of Greensboro SEO Pro

Alkali Jaiteh

Alkali Jaiteh

Assistant Marketing Manager

Every business needs an Alkali. The ultimate remote team member (he dials in from Gambia, West Africa), he’s the guy that can step into any project and do what it takes to bring it across the finish line. All you have to do is ask, and he’s on it. Currently, Alkali puts in about 30 hours a week, contributing to various website projects.

Norm Jones

Norm Jones

Pay Per Click Advertising Analyst

Norm has been providing technology and marketing solutions for over 17 years. His passion for targeting and developing the perfect campaign and then managing and optimizing the ads is actually fun for him. While many marketers like to talk a big game, Norm prefers to quietly deliver huge ROI to our clients via Google Adwords, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising.

One client received a 21:1 return while another received a 1500% return. While such results aren’t always possible with every client, we strive to at least deliver a 900% return and Norm usually won’t stop until we do. Yes, he’s a mad scientist in his PPC (pay-per-click) lab and maybe a little crazy, but it’s the kind of crazy our clients LOVE.

Our Values

Millennial nerds make the best digital marketers. Period. We know what to do when to do it. And we’re ahead of every trend.


It’s not about who’s bigger or better. It’s about being first to execute. Most big brands have a lot of money but they move slow. We take advantage of that.


We stay ahead of trends and devise superior strategies so that our Clients receive their desired results before any of their competition.


If we can’t make you more money, we don’t want to work for you. No offense, but we don’t like to see clients throw away money.

What We Do Best



Social Media

Team Training


Web Development

Email Marketing


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