Meet the Team

Cuttlefish Marketing is a group of highly skilled search engine optimization professionals that have over 10 years combined experience in digital marketing and content strategy application. We stay ahead of trends and devise superior strategies so that our Clients receive their desired results before any of their competition. There is no greater sense of accomplishment than seeing our clients dominate their competition online.


Meet The Cuttlefish Team

Lauren Schroth

Lauren Schroth

Owner, Director of Marketing Strategy

After a successful career in print media, Lauren branched out as a business owner writing research articles for brands and magazines across the world. Lauren’s thorough investigative research paid off. She discovered SEO and she was hooked. Nowadays, the type of research she loves to do involves tracking search traffic, monitoring the intrawebs, and a whole-lotta algorithm testing.

Experience: She is 1/2 Marketing Strategist, 1/2 Writer, 1/2 Project Manager, and 1/2 Developer. Essentially she is two people.

Tri Philosophy: 1) First, never ‘boost’ your Facebook posts. 2) Secondly, digital Marketing is an investment, not a cost, as it should generate ROI for your business. 3) Lastly, Social Media is the future and not using it is obscene for any brand. It is a competition out there and my heart goes out to those who haven’t made it to the game. Let a professional with proven skills and experience leverage it for you.

Ashley George

Ashley George

Chief Creative Director

Creative, Art Direction & Strategy

Ashley has been in the advertising/design world her whole life, between her parents and immediate family members they cover architecture, interior design, typography, art direction and fine art. She started working in advertising at the age of 15 and hasn’t looked back.

After finishing graduate school she started working at Young & Rubicam in San Francisco where she worked with a CD that would become her mentor. While at Y&R she worked on household names like Chevron, 7Up, Sunkist and NCAA.

After Y&R, she moved to Los Angeles to join the highly digital agency High Wide & Handsome where she worked on many brands within the Constellation Wines Holding Company.

After returning to Arizona, Ashley worked with multiple agencies including Moses Anshell, R&R Partners, Arrowhead and LAVIDGE.

Norm Jones

Norm Jones

Pay Per Click Advertising Analyst

PPC Genius

Norm has been providing technology and marketing solutions for over 17 years. His passion for targeting and developing the perfect campaign and then managing and optimizing the ads is actually fun for him. While many marketers like to talk a big game, Norm prefers to quietly deliver huge ROI to our clients via Google Adwords, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising.

One client received a 21:1 return while another received a 1500% return. While such results aren’t always possible with every client, we strive to at least deliver a 900% return and Norm usually won’t stop until we do. Yes, he’s a mad scientist in his PPC (pay-per-click) lab and maybe a little crazy, but it’s the kind of crazy our clients LOVE.

Alex Zweig

Alex Zweig

Lead Full Stack Developer

With a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Communication from ASU, Alex helps our team express our clients’ brand essence across all digital and traditional marketing mediums.

“I have a passion for mobile application development, web development, web design, graphic design, SEO, content writing and management, internet marketing, social media and audio and video editing software.”

Mike Haidon-Melton

Mike Haidon-Melton

Graphic Designer

Mike is to thank for dozens of stunning websites.  He not only gets your website looking pretty, he is the creative mind behind your infographics and social media ads.  He has creativity for blood and his work ethic is pretty much off the charts.

If Mike isn’t working on web design, you will probably find him in front of the greenscreen taking pictures of clients’ products, or in his office editing.  When he really isn’t working, he’s probably hiking with his bride, or playing guitar with his band.

Alkali Jaiteh

Alkali Jaiteh

Assistant Marketing Manager

Every business needs an Alkali. The ultimate remote team member (he dials in from Gambia, West Africa), he’s the guy that can step into any project and do what it takes to bring it across the finish line. All you have to do is ask, and he’s on it. Currently Alkali puts in about 30 hours a week, contributing to various website projects.

When he’s not working on Cuttlefish projects, you can likely find Alkali working as a multimedia consultant for ACE Communications firm in Gambia, drinking Bonsai tea, or playing ping-pong..

From editorial calendars to data collection to website performance, Alkali’s unique skill set helps our projects move forward. And, if you happen to speak in Afrikaans, dial his extension and strike up a conversation.

Kannan "Kan" Rajendiran

Kannan "Kan" Rajendiran


Have you ever seen a programmer sing karaoke? If so, it wasn’t Kannan. While “Kan” is not necessarily the “out-in-front” kind of guy, he’s been doing an awful lot behind the scenes since 2007 to make the tech stuff happen when it’s showtime. His remarkable knowledge of web technologies is staggering.

If Kan isn’t increasing the speed of your website or assisting in web development projects at Cuttlefish, he’s likely to be found traveling abroad as a Web Technology Entrepreneur wearing his “Kan Web Speed” superhero suit (this makes him kind of hard to find).

Kannan has an incredible ability to analyze the client’s complex requirements, and transform them into a handy functional software.

Specialties: Software Architecture Designing – Database Designing – Building Multilingual Websites – Web Technology Expert.