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Affordable Social Media Management Pricing

If you’re looking to make a BIG outreach to thousands of consumers, you need to target more than one local area. Perfect for ecommerce, affiliate or any online start-up sites as well as companies looking to expand their reach. When you’re ready to take your marketing campaign to the next level, go organic.

Individual Social Media Management Channels


  • Brand Monitoring
  • Customer Service


Connect and grow.
  • Optimized Page for Social Search
  • Customer Service

All packages can be integrated with your Google Analytics and Google AdWords campaign data.


Social Promotion Pricing

Blog Syndication Network

$500/One Time Setup
  • Over 20 Properties
  • All properties are themed and interconnected
  • Handmade Quality

Syndication Networks

Syndication Networks built to the high quality level of Semantic Mastery.

These networks are tightly themed, hand built, and interconnected to provide high authority and trust that will build over time.

Supercharge YouTube Channel or Blog

Connect your website or YouTube channel to a single network to gain automated backlinks to over 20 properties! All properties are themed and interconnected.