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There’s a critical success factor when marketing your small businesses in Phoenix that many companies miss.  The result of which suppresses growth and chokes all other marketing efforts for your business in Arizona.

The mistake is publishing content that over-promotes their services.  The first rule of content creation is: Your content should speak to your audience, not at them.  It should engage them, and let them do the talking.  Not the other way around.  This type of content will never resonate with your audience, because, as humans, we don’t like braggers.

What does your content tell potential customers about your brand?

Your target audience won’t connect with you if all you do is talk about your product or service.  That’s because, no matter what service you provide, your potential customers are concerned about three things: their health, success, and livelihood.

The best content marketing service in Arizona will blend your promotional content with your audience’s pain points and keep them engaged before and after they buy.

Defining What Content Marketing Is

Content Marketing is the creation of content for your audience.  Media, such as videos, blog posts, articles, and images published on the internet is intended to connect your brand with your target audience.  It should stir up interest, excitement, and enthusiasm for your brand without explicitly boasting about how wonderful your services or products are.  Simply put, it should engage your target audience so that they perceive your brand the way you want them to. Eventually getting your audience to take action. This is how Adobe describes content marketing:

Take one part creation, one part publishing, and one part channel delivery, and you’ve got the recipe for content marketing. Content is used to attract, engage, and convert throughout the customer journey with timely messaging, content, and offers.

Today, Metro Phoenix is booming with competition in nearly every industry.  If you have a business around Phoenix, and you want to drive more sales, you need relevant strategic content that will emotively pull your targeted client.

Emotive Copywriting is Content that Motivates Buying Behavior

We help you create relevant strategic content proven to emotively pull your target audience and drive them down the buying funnel.  Or we can do it for you.

Who is Emotive Content for?

If you need a rebrand and a compelling messaging foundation.

What do you get?

  • A step by Step process on how to create copy that sells for one market
  • Discovery questions that uncover the client’s emotions for your market research
  • An emotive elevator pitch that gets clients coming to you
  • A relevant and captivating story for your About page that connects your customers to you
  • Education that teaches you how to write to the emotions of your ideal market
  • An emotive opt-in that captures leads and freebie ideas.

What are the benefits of Emotive copywriting?

Through our workshops, you’ll learn the secrets of how to create relevant strategic content that will emotively pull your targeted client. We give Apple level of branding and show you how to apply it to your business. We’ll also create an executable marketing plan so you know what to do and are set up to succeed.  Or, let us do it for you.

Either way, here are some of the benefits you’ll receive with our emotional copywriting services.

More Benefits of Emotive Copywriting for Phoenix:

  • Heightened traffic engagement
  • Focused, targeted leads who are compelled to sign up
  • Hot prospects who reach out more quickly
  • A well thought positioning plan and a targeted message that connects your ideal market to you.
  • Outshine your competition
  • Increase leads and conversions
  • Saves time and money on prospecting efforts and sales generation because it decreases efforts.
  • Apple level of emotive branding strategy at small business prices

Branding is important. It’s the heart of your service. It’s what makes your brand desirable. Branding motivates buying behavior.

How Branding & Copywriting Co-exist

Connecting with one’s audience is what makes a brand special.  How do you connect with your audience?  There’s only one way, it’s through content.  Your local business needs to engage people around Phoenix and your brand story is the foundation that sets the tone for the rest of your content.

A brand becomes special once people can share their own stories with their experience with it—it could even be a part of their lives growing up.

We leverage what your competitors are NOT doing and take advantage of it.

Everybody has a different story—this shows how the product touches people’s lives.  We help put that story in front of your audience and bring it together with all of the elements of marketing.

Copywriting that Sells your business is great copywriting.

Great copywriting talks to people and presents information in the right scenario can also help with conversion.

  • You just need to be able to answer the customer’s objection.
  • Survey your visitors and find their objections. Use SurveyMonkey or any survey tool.
  • Find out why people aren’t converting and answer those objections in your copy.
  • Solving people’s problems will make them much more likely to convert.

To get people to convert, we create multiple ways to help your customers convert into buyers.

Email Marketing

Everyone thinks no one uses email anymore, which is a false assumption, especially if you work in the corporate world.  Although email marketing is dying, that is only for the younger demographics.

Email isn’t as effective as it used to be, but as long as you leverage all the other channels, you can still do well.  Emails should be about storytelling. Seinfeld Emails are so-called because the emails don’t talk about the product or anything related to your business (it’s an email about nothing), but then you find a way to tie it into your product.

There are so many different email sequences.

If people just wrote emails for different parts of their sequence, their conversions would go up.

You need to send out as many emails as you can.

Cuttlefish Marketing knows this and provides nothing less because your email marketing success means our success.

IT Systems & Content Automation Setup

With a Client Relationship Management System (CRM), we can set up an automated response email marketing system however you need it. Automated email marketing is cost-effective and perfect for most small businesses and scalable to any size.  We’ll give you a strategy that measures the capability of your campaigns with a content management system, which enables you to personalize, optimize, and target campaigns fast.

Content marketing with a Content Management System (CMS) accelerates the pace and variety of your campaigns through faster content optimization and access to assets. We’ll get you set up with a content marketing strategy that engages and converts your audience into customers because you have more than a great product or service.  You have an amazing message.  You deserve to have that message heard. Let us guide you in the right direction so that your brand story stands out and takes your prospective clients on a journey they’ll remember and tell their friends about.

Cuttlefish content marketing services have your business covered & setup for success.  With our content marketing services, you’ll have everything your company needs to grow on Google and social media:

An Inviting Brand Story

Your brand needs a story.  Why?

Because content marketing is storytelling, and humans have told stories since we could speak. Our attention always goes toward the best stories. Those are the stories that lasted hundreds of years. The stories that centuries later are still told by tribes and nations and movies or books that we enjoy today. That is the art of storytelling and your content should be no different.

In the best stories, the main character appeals to us because we can relate to her. But how is a character in a story like Star Wars relatable to us? Take Luke Skywalker, for example.

If he just jumped on camera and began fighting Darth Vader, we would lose interest once the fight was over, at best, and move on. But that’s not how it happened. We first learned Luke’s backstory. We learned that he had a boring life and was called to something greater.  Just like many of us dream of being a part of something noble and larger than ourselves. Now we can relate to him. Just like we did with Luke, we will relate to your brand only if we have more information-information that allows us to see ourselves in your brand story. Every brand needs a brand story. This is content marketing.

Content Created for Social Media

Content and social media marketing go hand-in-hand.  Each time you publish a Tweet or post on Facebook, you are creating content.  Once you develop content, you should manage the mix of content and deploy on the channels that fit best for that type.  In its best form, content marketing should follow a strategy that aligns with your business goals and marketing objectives.

Your strategy might consist of many campaigns. These campaigns should build value. We help build value for your content marketing campaigns with tracking analytics, tracking high engagement times, and by identifying buying patterns and characteristics that your target audience take. You have visitors coming to your website that you deserve. But if they’re not converting into customers, you need to know why. We can help you. We do this by providing you insight into your audience with a client relationship management system.


What about your content?

What about your content?  Is it engaging your audience?  In order to engage your audience, you need to know how to reach them.  The digital landscape in Phoenix is overflowing with Ads and content.  If yours doesn’t grab your audience’s attention, they’ll never see it.  If you don’t engage them, they won’t remember it.  That’s why businesses in Arizona that are seeing tremendous growth online use professional content marketing services from Cuttlefish Marketing.  And so should you.

You risk getting lost in the noise without a strong brand message.  Your brand message is the core of all your future marketing efforts.  To do it alone is detrimental to the growth of companies in Phoenix.  To be effective with your content, you need a copywriting service in Phoenix that knows the market and has their finger on the pulse of your audience at all times.

Team Training and Cost-effective Content Marketing Solutions

We get it…crafting valuable, relevant content is a strategic process and chances are you’re busy running your business!  That’s why we offer two solutions: We train you or your team.  This can be in-person workshops and team training for business based in Scottsdale and Phoenix, or in a Webinar style if you’re out of state. Option 2 is letting us do all the work for you.

If you’re interested in scheduling a training workshop for your staff, or you want to explore our done-for-you content creation service, don’t wait.  Contact us now!

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