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Off-page SEO / Content Promotion

We optimized this brand’s online and offline footprint

Through the use of content, relationships and links, the brand transformed because it now has an optimal experience for prospects and search engine crawl bots.

This lead to gradual increases in positive brand mentions, search rankings, traffic to their online magazine site, and conversions. In this case, conversions came in the form of subscribers.

Influencer Marketing

For influencer marketing, you’ll need to prepare a list of individuals you already know or would like to work with.

You’ll also need to decide if you want to have these influencers run sponsored posts for you or not. That kind of thing will help you stand out. A technique I’ve seen some brands do very well is run campaigns with other companies.  We paired Lauren with Venus Swimwear.


Why are search analytics so important?

Step one when creating a successful social media marketing campaign is having a deep and intimate knowledge of your audience.  You need to understand exactly what they’re searching for, how they interact, and who they trust.  We call this Search Optimization.

We see your competitors’ strategies which allow us to be very strategic. Variables are tracked and tested religiously. We get to test and create creative!   Whatever we can imagine, we can create analytics for!  Not only is it fun, but we get a deeper, emotional sense of your ideal customer profile segments.

On-page SEO / Copywriting

SEO is like Formula 1 racing where fine tuning is essential.

Merge pages with the same topics; then, you won’t be sending Google conflicting data.  For our real estate client, we first went through pages on their sites and find duplicates. Pages with the same topics should be combined and that’s what we did.  Then we redirect traffic from the pages with lesser views to the more popular pages.

Instagram Marketing Campaign

Do you want to start an Instagram campaign?  If so, you need to do it right.

Instagram is an exciting platform, and it’s one of the fastest growing out there. It has more than 300 million active users each day.  Running an effective campaign isn’t quite as easy as it seems.   This client understood not to start an Instagram campaign without a goal-driven strategy.  That’s when we came in.

If your goal is pure brand awareness, your options are more open.  This client wanted to increase brand awareness.

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